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The sweet potato, known to the Dutch as ‘bataat’, has become an integral part of European cuisine. The taste of the sweet potato is sweeter than the normal potato and the product has other colors: orange, purple or white! The sweet potato has also risen in popularity at GlobalFair in recent years, which has led us to expand our specialization in this product.

Sweet potatoes directly from the source at GlobalFair

The sweet potato is one of GlobalFair’s specialisms. Every day we stay in close contact with our growers in Egypt, the USA and Honduras, to import the best sweet potatoes for you. Because GlobalFair purchases directly from the source, all kinds of specific wishes are possible. For example when it comes to calibration, packaging and quality, we can exceed your expectations. All sweet potatoes are available all year round and available at daily, weekly, monthly or annual prices.

Varieties of sweet potatoes at GlobalFair

With us you can choose from different types of sweet potatoes to ensure there is always a variety available that suits you. Is the type of sweet potato you require not listed on this page? Thanks to the close cooperation with our suppliers, your specific wishes are always negotiable.

Orange-fleshed sweet potato

The orange-fleshed sweet potato is the main product of GlobalFair. We have four varieties available:

Covington: This sweet potato is grown in the USA and has a light, pink skin. The potato has a long shelf life.

Beauregard: This variety has a red-orange skin and is grown in Egypt. The sweet potato has an elongated shape and a sweeter taste than the Covington.

Bellevue: A smooth, copper skin and a less sweet taste at harvest: this distinguishes the Bellevue sweet potato. The amount of sugars increases when the sweet potato is baked.

Evangeline: The Evangeline sweet potato is grown by our growers in Honduras and can be recognized by the red skin.

Purple-fleshed sweet potatoes

At GlobalFair we offer two types of purple sweet potatoes, namely the potato with a purple inside and outside and the potato with a purple outside and white inside.

Packing options sweet potatoes

The sweet potato is available at GlobalFair in different sizes and packaging. Are you looking for specific (retail) packaging? Please contact us.

S, M, L1, L2, XL, XXL

6kg, 10kg, 18kg, 600kg bins, EPS, IFCO

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Food aid and education for farmers in Egypt

After years of importing sweet potatoes from Egypt, GlobalFair asked itself: how can we do more for the local economy? We found the answer by contributing to a project that provides more than 5,000 people with food and that educates farmers about the necessary adaptation of their business operations as a result of climate change.


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