Through food aid and education

After years of importing sweet potatoes from Egypt, GlobalFair asked itself: how can we do more for the local economy? We found the answer in a project for the construction of an irrigation system in the Anafora oasis, which can provide food for 5000 people. In addition, GlobalFair sponsors a school community in the Fayoum oasis and we enable microcredits on a small scale.

From desert soil to harvesting grain

West of the Nile is Anafora: a small haven, where poor inhabitants from the south of Egypt come to receive training in agricultural methods and health care. About 100 farmers from the south learn at Anafora run their business in a climate-friendly way. In addition, food aid is provided by turning desert soil into fertile agricultural land, where the first grain will be harvested in the spring of 2023. With this expected harvest, the hunger of up to 5000 people can be relieved.

What is the status of the harvest?

November 2022

After the soil has been prepared for agriculture and the irrigation systems have been installed, the grain seeds are sown in early November.

January 2023

In the months of December and January a lot has changed on the land. The barren plain has turned into a fertile grain field. In the last week of January, the grain is already quite high and has a beautiful, green color!

March 2023

Slowly the grain turns yellow. This means maturation has started. In a few more months, the harvest can begin. Meanwhile, another 8-hectare piece of land is being prepared for seed potatoes. Soon potatoes will go into the ground here, to be harvested in six months!

May 2023

A lot happened in the fields in May. The photos show that the wheat has been harvested after seven months! Now it is ready to be ground into flour. Meanwhile, on another piece of land, the first potatoes have been planted. In this way, Anafora is continuously provided with fresh food. 

July 2023

Eight acres of Egyptian desert soil full of potatoes are blooming beautifully! This is thanks to a mile-long network of drip hoses that provide adequate water to the plants. In few months, the potatoes will be harvested and given to the poor as food.

September 2023

Just a little more patience… the harvest is almost here! In a few weeks, 4.2 hectares of potatoes will be harvested. Some maize plants have also sprung up among the potatoes.

“GlobalFair’s investment gives Egyptians the opportunity to start their own business through microcredits”

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