With the product and in the process

As a retailer, processor, or wholesaler in the fruit and vegetable market, it is important to know whether the products you purchase are food safe. Therefore; at GlobalFair, we value not only the quality and safety of the product, but also the safety during the process. We think it is important that food safety is guaranteed in black on white. That is why you will find our certifications on this page.

GlobalFair’s certificates

In order to guarantee a food-safe process, an audit is carried out annually by various authorities. These audits examine whether GlobalFair follows the correct procedures and respects the applicable guidelines.

Valid until 27-10-2024

The IFS Broker certificate was created to guarantee the safety and quality of fruit and vegetables. This also prevents Food Fraud. This certificate is the standard for German and French retailers.

Valid until 09-02-2024

GLOBALG.A.P. is a globally recognized standard in the agricultural sector, in which requirements regarding the environment, health and working conditions are met.

Valid until 31 -12-2023

The Skal certificate shows that GlobalFair is entitled to import, store and trade organic products.

Valid until 17-09-2024

The BRC certificate is set up to guarantee the safety and quality of fruit and vegetables. This also prevents food fraud. This certificate is the standard for English retailers.

Valid until 31 -12-2023

The AEO certificate is issued by customs and means that GlobalFair is considered reliable in international trade.

What our suppliers do for a food-safe product

All our suppliers are at least in possession of a GlobalG.A.P. certificate. In addition, all our largest suppliers are fully certified for social safety and are, for example, in possession of SMETA or GRASP. GlobalFair has a strong preference among potential suppliers for those who are provided with the relevant certificates, which show that social safety is guaranteed.


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GlobalFair is your specialist for the import and export of sweet potatoes, fruits and vegetables. We are located in Barendrecht, the fruit and vegetable heart of the Netherlands, and partner with suppliers on all continents. We sell our high-quality products throughout Europe. We focus on customers in the food service, processing , wholesalers and retail industries.

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